Sihanoukville Autonomous Port


The Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) is the sole international and commercial deep seaport of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

At present, the total operational land area of the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port is around 124.76 ha.

The Old Jetty was constructed in 1956 and became operational in 1960. This jetty is 290m long by 28m wide and can accommodate 4 vessels with medium GRT at both sides. The exterior berth is
-8.50m-13m depth, while the interior berth is -7.50m -8.50m depth.

In order to cope with the increasing rates of cargo throughput the Royal Government of Cambodia had constructed another 350m long new quay with -10.50m maximum draft in 1966. At present, this new quay can accommodate 3 vessels with -7.00m draft medium GRT.

The construction of Container Terminal with 400m long by -10.50m depth and 6.5 ha of container yard was fully completed on March 2007.


PAS is located at the bay of Kompong Som of the Gulf of Thailand. This port is situated in a Loune area with latitude: 10º 38’,73’N and longitude: 103º 29’,82’E.

The water area of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port extends from SV buoy in the South to Koh Kras in the North and to a tanker buoy (2 miles NW of Dek Kuol Isle) in the West.

Geographical Feature

For technical and economic zones in the country:
PAS is strategically located in a geographically ideal point of the deep water area of Cambodian coast line which connects Cambodia to other major world-class ports positioned on Asia/Pacific trade routes.

PAS which is the international Gateway serving vitally importance in terms of economic and commercial development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is located southwestern part of the country in between the Bay of Kompong Saom and connected to Phnom Penh Capital by National Road No.3, Rail Road and Airway.

Sihanoukville consists of beautifully white sandy beaches and Kang Keng Airport for serving fast and accurately international trips. In order to attract passenger vessels, PAS is going to transform the jetty which is presently being used for offloading and loading general cargoes to be a passenger terminal. In addition, in the near future PAS expects to accommodate two passenger vessels in one week as well as those of Thailand and Vietnam.

Sihanoukville is the internationally economic gateway to Cambodia and to the whole world (for both industrial and tourism zones).