School Curriculum for General Education

The Policy for Curriculum Development for general education (Grades 1-12) has been initiated and developed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS). It is produced by MoEYS at the time when Cambodia is moving a head in all respects- economic, social and cultural.

It is intended that the policy will contribute to over all government plans and targets, including the Second Cambodian Socio-economic Development Plan, the Governmental Poverty Alleviation Strategies, the Education for All (EFA) for 2003-2015, the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) and the Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) and so on.

This Curriculum Policy is also a response to the demands of globalization, regionalization and individualization. The policy will contribute to equitable access in Basic Education, will expand publicprivate education partnership for high quality secondary education and increase accountability in developing standards in three school levels (primary, lower and upper secondary education).

Key features of the 1996 Core Curriculum have been upgraded and improved. For example, the curriculum policy establishes teaching time allocation, provide time in a curriculum for a Local Life Skill Program (LLSP) and offers subject choice selection for Grades 11 and 12 students by adding learning hours for each subject and students learn less subjects than before.

This policy is designed for a period of five years, 2005-2009 and will be reviewed in 2009 for another five years, for the period 2010-2014 in order to reflect the development of the country.

The MoEYS hopes that this Curriculum Policy is a useful resource for teachers, school directors, educational officers, parents, scientists, researchers and other stakeholders. The MoEYS believes that all educational institutions, local community, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), International Organizations (IOs) and other stakeholders will cooperate and support the implementation of this policy.

Basic Education Curriculum

This section describes a new policy for the delivery of the Basic Education curriculum in Cambodia within the framework provided by the Education for All National Plan 2003 - 2015. It sets out the aims and structure of the Grades 1 ? 9 curriculum, including hours of instruction.

The detailed content of the curriculum will be set out in the new Basic Education Curriculum documents. The purpose of the Basic Education curriculum is to contribute to the achievement of the aims of schooling in order that students can further their studies at the upper grades, participate in other vocational trainings or to participate in social life by ensuring that every student has acquired:
* knowledge of Khmer language and mathematics;
* knowledge of the national identity;
* an understanding of morality and civic responsibilities;
* the everyday life skills that enable participation in their local community life and Cambodian society.
* a basic understanding of the natural world and of scientific principles
* communicative competence in a Foreign Language.

GRADES 1 - 3

The purpose of the basic education (Grades 1 - 3) curriculum is to ensure that every child has a strong foundation in literacy and Mathematics and that they develop their health, physical appearance, moral understanding, learning skills and life skills.

The NC in Grades 1 - 3 comprises the following subjects with the indicated amount of time allocated to each subject in which there are 40 minutes per period.

Art education (songs, drawing, dance, music, ....) is included in Science and Social Studies.

GRADES 4 - 6

The purpose of the basic education primary school (Grades 4 - 6) curriculum is to expand and consolidate students