The influence of using Khmer tranditional bangle copper circle

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Based on many subjects such as archaeology and ethnology etc. we can certify that using bangle copper circle by Khmer people in Indochina regional have been used since metallographic period. All of those things make up using for male and female that they have been used the most until Angkor period and after that, it was lost or absence under the effective by Europe since 16th century.

accessories used in bracelets, the Khmer minority tribe, in
Ratanak Kiri in 2009 (Tel Pisith’s Photo).

Mnas Okakun, 1996 “The Recalling Study of The
Kingdom of Funan through beads.” Muang Boran
Journal, Vol.22, No.3 Jul-Sept., Bkk.

The bracelet-wearing custom by all Khmer Leu and Mon-
Khmer in the present-day South and Middle Vietnam
(The Photos from French Reference in the Colony Period).