Khmer breechcloth in the prehistoric era

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As mentioned in the previous point, the custom of dressing with breechcloth by the Khmer Leou indicates that the use of this dress is very ancient, as attested by ancient documents. The figuration and other chronicles bear the testimony of the Khmer breechcloth custom, depicted in artifacts of the Metal age, found in Nokor Reachsima, located in Thailand and also in bronze sculptures in Cambodia.These archeological testimonies were treated as an outcome of Khmer traditional society. The Khmer breechcloth is more than 2500 years old. In addition to the to Chronicles and other proofs of breechcloth dressing, three tiny of bronze sculptures have been found by Mr. Dam Chhoeun in 1969 in Pring Tum Village, Preah Net Preah District, Banteay Meanchey Province.Also, the records of colonial French administrators mentioned the wearing of the breechcloth by the common people, in the 19th and the early 20th centuries, as the Khmer of the ancient period were accustomed to. Due to the research documents, we have been able to understand the extreme ancientness of Khmer culture in breechcloth wear, proper to this nation. By the way, Thais and Vietnamese, who are our neighbours, do not dress the same way as our Khmer Leou do.In addition to the chronicles and the testimony of the sculptures, our Khmer Leou still have a breechcloth dance, typical of the Khmer tribes in the northeast.