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Tourism of Cambodia


Tourism, diestinations and lot of natural resorts in Cambodia series

Tourism Industry in Cambodia

After more than a decade of spectacular growth, how can the tourism industry in Cambodia respond to the more demanding market conditions now faced by holiday destinations worldwide? In common with all periods of adversity, the current situation also presents opportunities for those willing and able to respond to the challenges ahead.

Tourism has played an important role in the development of Cambodia. It has brought employment, improvements in infrastructure, training and general education and living standards for many people, and raised the international profile of Cambodia. Its growth has helped diversify economic activity, and broaden the base of foreign earnings, currently dominated by the garment industry.

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Cambodia comes of age

Google News - Thu, 2016-06-30 13:08
When I first went to Cambodia, the journey from the capital Phnom Penh to the temples of Angkor was a 12-hour minibus ride from hell, if you were lucky. That was 20 years ago – a time when friends, hearing of your travel plans, would think you'd taken ... catched