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Internet in Cambodia


There are currently about 20,000 subscribers in Cambodia and some 150,000 people use Internet cafes. The number of users is expected to grow substantially over the coming decade, driven by greater competition in the marketplace, reduced tariffs and cost of PCs and laptops.

High connection costs have resulted in a low number of subscribers, but costs are coming down and today an average monthly subscription costs about $40 compared to $100 a year ago.

Cambodia suffers from a lack of IT human resources and very low Internet connectivity in rural areas. The lack of intranet infrastructure inhibiting 98 per cent of the Cambodian population from logging on remains a major problem.

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ONLINE receives award

Phnom Penh Post - Wed, 2012-07-04 08:49
ONLINE, Cambodia’s first internet service provider received a gold award from the Business Initiative Direction International Quality Summit in Ne catched