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Health Care in Ratanakiri Province

Health indicators in Ratanakiri are the worst in Cambodia.[1] Malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites, cholera, diarrhea, and vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles are endemic.[2][1] Rattanakiri has Cambodia's highest rates of maternal and child mortality,[2] with 22.9% of children dying before the age of five.[3] Ratanakiri also has the country's highest rates of severe malnutrition.[2] Ratanakiri residents' poor health can be attributed to a variety of factors, including poverty, physical remoteness, language and cultural barriers that prevent Khmer Loeu from obtaining medical care, poor infrastructure and access to water, lack of accountability in the medical community, and exacerbating environmental factors such as natural resource degradation, decreasing food production, and internal migration.[2][1] The province has one referral hospital, 10 health centers, and 17 health posts.[4] Medical equipment and supplies are minimal, and most health facilities are staffed by nurses or midwifes, who are often poorly trained and irregularly paid.

Health care in Cambodia

In Cambodia, about 85 percent of the population living in rural area and not having access to primary health care, among other basic services. To improve this situation, Cambodia's health care system is getting a boost through a program that contracts for better health service delivery in rural areas, which is already proving successful. The new country's health strategy 2008-2015 proposes to scale up contracting programs to reach more of the poor and further improve health care system performance, including independent monitoring and evaluation.

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Cambodia mercy mission for health staff

Google News - Fri, 2014-10-17 18:09
There will also be a specialist from the neighbouring South Tees health trust on the trip, along with a lecturer from Teesside University who has previous experience of trips to Cambodia and a specialoist who will lead the team to the Battambang Hospital. catched

Cambodia's immigrant census stokes fears among Vietnamese

Google News - Fri, 2014-10-17 07:53
Almost everyone has a residency card but almost no one has an ID card or citizenship documents. Born and raised in Cambodia, these ethnic Vietnamese are excluded from almost everything afforded to ethnic Khmers: schools, health care, job opportunities, ... catched

Garment Workers March for Higher Wages

Google News - Mon, 2014-10-13 00:28
“We demand a decent wage because we want a decent living, good health and to send our children to school,” Ken Chhenglang, acting president of the National Independent Federation of Textile Unions in Cambodia, told the crowd. Last month, the ... catched


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