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Ampor Tevy

Ampor Tevy was a famous Cambodian actress throughout the 1990s. Within the span of her career she has starred in numerous films, from movies to musical skits. Her career started in 1988 with her paired actor Sam Vityea. After Sam Vityea died that year, Ampor Tevy was often paired with fellow actor, also famous at that time.


Ampor Tevy was born in 1970. She is the eldest child in the family among other 5 siblings. She finished 12 Grade at Bak Touk College of Fine Arts in 1989. She then got married with Pich Pirun who was also an actor from her generation in 1992. Ampor Tevy has a son named Pirun Indreaboth who is now 9 years old and a daughter named Pirun Leakesey Tevy.

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