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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, of Cambodia

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) is the government ministry responsible for promoting and regulating education, sport and youth development, in Cambodia.

The current Senior Minister of Education, Youth and Sport is H.E. Im Sethy [1] Ministry main offices are located in Phnom Penh.


The Ministry is organized into seven directorates:
* Directorate General of Administration and Finance
* Directorate General of Education
* Directorate General of Higher Education
* Directorate General of Sport
* Directorate General of Youth
* Inspectorate General

Information and Communication Technology in Cambodia


Cambodia’s information and communication technology (ICT) for education policy document was developed in keeping with its “Education for All” vision of ensuring all citizens equal access to basic quality education, and to prepare them to participate actively in Cambodia’s reconstruction and integration into the knowledge-based global community. The policy was developed in consultation with national and international partners and places emphasis on the role of ICT in distance education, the training of professionals, non-formal education, and the quality of education at the upper-secondary and post-secondary levels, in recognition of the importance of ICT skills in a knowledge-based society.

Education in Cambodia

The education in Cambodia is managed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), which responding to broader national development policies and priorities, formulation of the Education Strategic Plan (ESP) reflects the high degree of responsibility through capacity building and human resources development which is one of the main strategies of the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia in the third mandate of the National Assembly. MoEYS continues to put emphasis on education quality improvement at all levels, Basic, Post Basic and Higher Education. The policies and strategies presented in the ESP 2006-10 are notable in order to accelerate the speed of education reform towards achieving all defined targets in the National Development Strategic Plan 2006-10, Cambodia Millennium Development Goals, and the Education for All National Plan 2003-2015.

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