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Secondary Education in Cambodia


Secondary Education in Cambodia is the the second level (2nd Phumaseksar) of education comprised of grade 7 (seven) to grade 12 (twelve). The secondary education consists of 2 (two) phases: phase 1 (one) is the lower secondary education comprising grade 7 (seven) to grade 9 (nine), and phase 2 (two) is the upper secondary school comprising grade 10 (ten) to grade 12 (twelve).

Primary Education in Cambodia


Primary education or the first level (1st Phumaseksar) of education comprised of grade 1(one) to grade 6 (six) of the formal education program or the equivalent level of education.


The Primary education was divided into two cycles of three years each, was carried out in state-run and temple-run schools. Successful completion of a final state examination led to the award of a certificate after each cycle. The primary education curriculum consisted of arithmetic, history, ethics, civics, drafting, geography, hygiene, language, and science. In addition, the curriculum included physical education and manual work. French language instruction began in the second year. Khmer was the language of instruction in the first cycle, but French was used in the second cycle and thereafter. By the early 1970s, Khmer was used more widely in primary education. In the 1980s, primary school ran from the first to the fourth grade. Theoretically one primary school served each village.

Cambodia Education System

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The Royal Government of Cambodia shall prepare a comprehensive and unique education system, which includes formal education, non-formal education, and informal education. Early childhood education is the preparatory study [level] of the education system. The education system of Cambodia is comprised of public and private education. The Ministry in charge of Education shall issue the regulation on education system.