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Chhayam is a traditional Khmer musical dance. It is kind of comic artists wielding hand, improvised dance accompanied by long drums which often precedes a ceremonial parade.


Chhayam features wooden clackers join with drummers, clashing hand-held cymbals, small hanging gong, and other noisemakers made of commonly found materials. The performers show off in comic masks and exaggerated hair styles and make-up and often head ceremonial processions to and through Buddhist temple compounds. A line of men (usually five or seven) set up a rhythmic base on long drums held up with straps across one shoulder. That base is complemented by their own syncopated chanting or singing, and the percussive clatter and clap of the clowns' hand-held instruments. Clowns wear comical face paint or masks with exaggerated features. When leading a parade as part of a Buddhist ceremony, chhayam artists enliven the atmosphere and contribute to a sense of community as other participants freely stride behind or clap alongside the performers.

Cambodian Blessing Dance


Cambodian Blessing Dance (or Robam Choun Por in Khmer language) is a Khmer traditional dance to mark special holidays with certain dances from the repertoire of Cambodian classical ballet. To mark the occasion such as this Cambodian Community Day event, a performance of the Blessing Dance is in order. This dance is performed by a group of young and beautiful girls to entertain and wish guests of honor as well as the audience, good health, happiness, prosperity and success. This dance features the dancers move gracefully and elegantly, holding golden goblets. Inside the goblets are flower blossoms. The blossoms are symbolic representations of blessings from the gods. As the dancers pluck the blossoms from the goblets and gently toss them forward toward the audience, the gesture symbolizes the blessings of the gods falling upon the audience.

Cambodian Mouth Organ Dance


Cambodian Mouth Organ Dance (or Robam Ken in Khmer language) is a kind of Cambodian traditional royal ballet dance. In modern times, the Cambodian royal ballet moved from its very exclusive environment of the royal palace and into public performances. At the same time a rich and varied folk dance heritage had long been part of the common culture.

Teachers and students of Cambodia

Cambodian Coconut Shells Dance


Khmer Coconut Shells Dance (or Robam Koah Trah Lauk in Khmer language) is a classical dance describes the traditional use of natural resource for entertaiment in Cambodia countryside. Like other rural populations, Cambodians who live in the provinces and harvest the country

Peacock of Pailin Dance


Cambodia is famous for its varied wildlife and its natural resources. The region of Pailin, which borders upon Thailand, is rich in precious stones. The resource is exploited by the Khmer-Kola, who, are of Burmese origin, and who have inhabited this region for generations. Their major activity is precious stone mining. They are known as the masters of the trade.

Folk dances have been created for virtually all aspects of Cambodian rural life and the interaction between nature and Cambodian rural communities. The original performance of this dance was adapted from a tale involving a peacock and a hunter, and was danced with both dancing and chasing actions. When it was brought to the University of Fine Arts, some of the original elements were eliminated and some new elements were added. The theme was changed and now emphasizes courting action

Cambodian Beautiful Girl Line Dance


Robam Neary Chea Chuor (Beautiful Girl Line Dance) is a Khmer Classical dance describing the beauty of young ladies in their elegant costumes performing beautiful Khmer dance. This dance reminds the Khmer people of the rich culture that has been kept and nourished through generations, and it is a well known among the neighboring countries.

Robam Neary Chea Chuor is usually performed at secular events, including theatrical performances. It is a popular classical dance often performed to open a special event or festivity. It is comparable to another classical dance, the Robam Apsara. The Robam Neary Chea Chuor was choreographed to represent the beauty of Young Khmer girls.

Khmer Dance


Khmer classical dance is the epic poem of Rama (Ramayana) and believed to have been revealed to a Hindu holy man named Valmiki by Brahma, the god of creation. This religious literary work, dating from about ad 4, is known in various versions throughout India and Southeast Asia. In Cambodia, the story has been set to music and dance and performed by the Royal Ballet since the 18th century. Although the epic is also known in the villages, where it is translated orally or dramatized in the popular shadow puppet theater, the ballet was traditionally a courtly art performed in the palace or for princely festivals. The music of the ballet is performed by the Pinpeat orchestra, which is made up of traditional xylophones, metallophones, horizontal gongs, drums, and cymbals. Khmer classical dancers are often referred to as apsara dancers, which in the modern sense would be incorrect as the apsara is only a type of character performed by the dancers.

Cambodian Apsara Dance

Apsara Dance AKA Robam Tep Apsara (Khmer: របំាទេពអប្សារា) is a famous Cambodia Royal Ballet which is widely seen around Cambodia and other countries such as Thailand, Laos and United States of America. The performance is best known and first introduced to foreign countries during the 1960s as The Khmer Royal Ballet along with Robam Tep Monorom. The first royal ballerina ever was Norodom Bopha Devi, a daughter of Norodom Sihanouk.

The Apsara Dance is particularly inspired by the style from around one thousand Apsara statues in Angkor Wat.

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