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Electronic Products in Cambodia

Cambodia's domestic consumer electronics devices market, defined as including computing devices, monile handsets, and video audio and gaming products are growing rapidly.


Computer accounted for around 20% of Cambodian consumer eletronics spending. Domestic market computer salese during years 1995 to year 2000 are mostly clone computer with no brand. Now most brand computer including (notebooks, netbook, desktop, server, ...) are most sales in the market.

AV devices

There are variaty of AV devices available in Cambodia but most of those products are imported f

Strategy For Promoting the Use of ICT in Education


The medium-term objectives from 2004 to 2010 include: to develop an ICT infrastructure and provide hardware for all levels of educational institutes and centers for the purposes of education and training; to prioritise human resource development to meet the requirements of the ICT and education sectors; to use ICT as a teaching and learning tool to promote skills in research, communication, problem solving and innovative thinking; and to raise administrative efficiency through the use of ICT for educational management.

Human Resource Development

The medium-term strategies for human resource development include: the establishment of courses for ICT professionals in higher education; the training of all teacher trainers in ICT use for professional development and administration; updating the primary and secondary school teacher-training curriculum to include ICT use for professional development, administration, teaching and learning; promotion of ICT-based research and independent/lifelong learning activities in all educational institutions; and training a minimum of one staff member from each educational institution in computer repair and maintenance.

Information and Communication Technology in Cambodia


Cambodia’s information and communication technology (ICT) for education policy document was developed in keeping with its “Education for All” vision of ensuring all citizens equal access to basic quality education, and to prepare them to participate actively in Cambodia’s reconstruction and integration into the knowledge-based global community. The policy was developed in consultation with national and international partners and places emphasis on the role of ICT in distance education, the training of professionals, non-formal education, and the quality of education at the upper-secondary and post-secondary levels, in recognition of the importance of ICT skills in a knowledge-based society.

Internet in Cambodia


There are currently about 20,000 subscribers in Cambodia and some 150,000 people use Internet cafes. The number of users is expected to grow substantially over the coming decade, driven by greater competition in the marketplace, reduced tariffs and cost of PCs and laptops.

High connection costs have resulted in a low number of subscribers, but costs are coming down and today an average monthly subscription costs about $40 compared to $100 a year ago.

Cambodia suffers from a lack of IT human resources and very low Internet connectivity in rural areas. The lack of intranet infrastructure inhibiting 98 per cent of the Cambodian population from logging on remains a major problem.

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Team Cambodia mission continues

Google News - Wed, 2014-09-03 12:08
Students involved with the Milton Area High School's Team Cambodia are excited about their efforts to raise $4,500 to support the Milton School in Cambodia. The school needs the funding in order to continue its English, computer and Internet classes. catched

Berkeley High junior brings code to Cambodia

Google News - Fri, 2014-06-13 17:02
Over the next few weeks the Berkeley High junior will be teaching web design and other computer skills to orphans in Cambodia. The classes are part of KhodeUp, which is entirely Horn's creation. While organizing such an ambitious project is a tall ... catched


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