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Employment Trends in Cambodia


Employment in Cambodia is characterized by a large proportion of the labor force that works in informal economic activities (either self-employed or working for non-registered enterprises). Formal sector employment – despite strong growth – remains small: paid employees account for only 25 percent of the workforce, while the remainder are split roughly equally between self-employment and unpaid family labor. There has not yet been an official consensus on how many workers are engaged in informal economic activities, but the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) estimated 95 percent were employed by the informal sector in 2000-2001, while the Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC) estimated 85 percent (ILO, 2006).

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HRW slams Hun Sen's 30-year-long Cambodia rule

Google News - Tue, 2015-01-13 16:28
Titled "30 years of Hun Sen: Violence, Repression, and Corruption in Cambodia," and based on Cambodian documents, UN records and interviews with officials, journalists and NGOs, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report chronicles Hun Sen's career from ... catched