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Crafts of Cambodia

Crafts in Cambodia are traditional crafts which goes back to the Angkor culture. There so many many community development organizations working on crafts in Cambodia -including the Sobbhana Foundation, Lotus Pond, the School of Fine Arts Association, Tabitha, Wat Than Crafts, Khemara House, JSRC, the Women’s Association of Cambodia and Krousar Thney- assist poor families and the disabled.

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Sorn Sreyna, manager of Craft PEACE Café

Phnom Penh Post - Wed, 2012-05-30 07:22
Sorn Sreyna is impassioned to create a better community for the deaf, and works to fulfill this vision at Craft PEACE café.

“I want to create my own small shop where I could collect and help sell artwork and crafts made by the deaf,” said Sreyna. “It’s the reason I’m still here at [Craft PEACE] today.” catched