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Cambodian Comics

Cambodia is full of wonderful stories—some of them told best through comics. Unfortunately, it is a waning artistic tradition, crushed by the current realities of the marketplace even after surviving decades of war and censorship.

I sat in an open-air restaurant, hunched over my amok, a national dish of steamed, curried fish and served here in an open coconut, as the sounds and smells of Phnom Penh rampaged about me. I mopped at my face sweating in the midday heat, and thumbed through my small stack of Khmer (Cambodian language) comic books splayed out in front of me. The comics, mostly drawn several decades before, had been ripped off, copied, and resold, with no money going back to the original artist or publisher, evidence of the lack of copyright protection in one of the most corrupt and lawless countries in the world.

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Cambodia: Khmer Language Books Now Online

Google News - Thu, 2012-08-23 16:29
History of Cambodian Comics. John Weeks created a slideshow presentation about the history of Cambodian comics in the past half century. Cambodia · facebook · twitter · • Mong Palatino · Show only Updates about East Asia » ... catched