The birth of Khmer culture using stone weapons


The ancestors of man lived about 4 million years ago in Africa and were walking on two legs. They began using stone weapons around 2.8 million years ago, the oldest stone tools having been found in Ethiopia. In the Indochinese peninsula which is the birth place of Mon-Khmer ethnics, stone tools were used between 1 million years (Lampang, Thailand) to the Metal Age around 1500-1000 B.C.The length of time is determined by the (K40/Ar40)formula. Through the research, we can date the stone industry in Kampuchea Krom from about 560.000 to 650.000 years. In today’s Cambodia, the stone industry, located in Kratie and Stieng Treng province dates from between 510.000 and 690.000 B.C. These prehistoric testimonies demonstrate the ancientness of the Khmer culture long before the Kingdom of Phnom in the early 1st century, in the period of indianization.