Schools in Cambodia

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Cambodia faces some serious problems in its schools due to a shortage of classrooms, an increase in the number of students and deterioration of school buildings.

Unlike many places around the world, where schools abound but teachers are few, the education bottleneck in Cambodia is the lack of buildings. One of the most powerful long term answers to child prostitution and poverty in Cambodia is to construct and jump start schools in some of the most remote and poverty stricken areas of the country.

Construction and Architecture

Most of schools in Cambodia are constructed by the government and some other organization programs. One of the programs run by the AAfC is called the Rural Schools Project. Through the Rural Schools Project, $13,000 of donations are matched by the World Bank. These funds are used to build and furnish a grade school and a water well. If a donor gives more than $13,000, AAfC will add school improvements including an English/computer teacher, a bookcase of books, and solar panels to power a computer.

School System in Cambodia

The relationship between Ministry and school