Modern Construction in Cambodian Cities

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Today, in most cities of Cambodia, there are many constructions of tall building department store, and so on. Numerous projects are underway here, many involving thousands of luxury homes and apartments. Several are self-contained satellite cities, 10-15 kilometers from downtown Phnom Penh, but complete with their own shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Site preparation has already begun on a project set to span eight years. The first phase, with 510 homes of a projected build-out of 3800 houses and villas, is set for completion in 2009. There will be an additional 1800 condominiums, as well as several hotels.

Closer to downtown is Plaza Cambodia, which will also include a mix of residential and commercial property. This development features a denser mix of apartment blocks and a style of townhouse called a shop-house, that is common to urban Cambodia.