Mineral Resources Protected areas in Cambodia

Cambodia pioneered the creation of protected areas in South East Asia in 1925 by setting aside the Angkor temple complex and surrounding areas for protection. In 1993, a Royal Decree established a national system comprising 23 protected areas classified under four major categories: National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Protected Landscapes, and Multiple Use Areas.

The Department of Nature Conservation and Protection under the Ministry of Environment has the responsibility for overseeing these 23 protected areas and 3 Ramsar sites, two of which are contained within the 23 protected areas. Combined, all of these areas cover 32,289 sq km.

In addition to these areas, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has set aside a number of areas for biodiversity conservation, forest protection, genetic conservation, and wildlife habitat protection. Together, these areas represent an additional 14,860 sq km under intentional protection. The country’s entire system of protected areas covers 47,845 sq km, or about 26.3 per cent of Cambodia’s land territory.